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October 09, 2006

The VoEX SuperRegistry and peering solution disrupts the voice market with dramatic cost savings and global reach for member carriers and providers.
Largest global registry already covers 20% of US Wireless destinations

Foster City, California, USA -- (October 09, 2006) -- VoEX, Inc., a major VoIP Managed Service Provider, announced today the general availability of its SuperRegistryTM peering solution and on-demand application to the carrier, wireless and voice service provider communities. Carriers and service providers who have joined the SuperRegistry can terminate traffic with each other at costs below inter-carrier local tandem rates and also enjoy the incremental benefit of global reach while avoiding any capital expenditure.

Haydar Haba, CEO and founder of VoEX, Inc. said, "We have grown in a stealth mode to a leadership position in the registry and peering space by leveraging our reputation among the Tier 1 fixed and mobile providers as well as VoIP Service Providers for flawlessly delivering IP-TDM interconnect solutions with 100% customer retention since our founding in 2003. It is now time that we offer the world the disruptive pricing and industry leading quality of service that our customers have long enjoyed."

The VoEX SuperRegistry peering solution provides both interconnection and transport services, including call signaling and media translation, and ENUM registry capabilities. The VoEX solution is particularly compelling not only for VoIP traffic, but for the vast majority of service providers today. For those carriers who already originate and terminate VoIP, VoEX provides a virtually zero cost voice service with no per minute charges to other IP endpoints. For those carriers still migrating their networks from TDM, the solution can immediately offer local tandem pricing or below for the 40+ million numbers in the registry, as well as the tens of millions of other global registry endpoints with which it interoperates. With the carrier peering model made possible by the VoEX SuperRegistry, even the smallest service provider gains the global reach and competitive pricing power previously available only to large, international carriers. In addition, the SuperRegistry provides the necessary user addressing and intelligent routing infrastructure to enable rich content, collaboration and presence-based communications applications.

"For a typical midsized US regional service provider with less than 2 million subscribers we estimate that their realized savings over three years of membership is $20 million. Additionally, because we deploy our solution via a software as a service model, we require no upfront fees, capital investments or membership charges of our member customers," added Kevin Han, Senior Vice President of Marketing for VoEX. "Our customers think of this as zero risk as they can also test the quality to all 40 million endpoints immediately with no future obligations."

About VoEX
VoEX, Inc. is a VoIP managed service provider that provides global peering infrastructure, network interoperability, industry-leading quality of service and advanced applications capabilities for top-tier Carriers, Mobile Operators, Cable Operators, Voice Service Providers, Universities, Call Centers and Enterprises. VoEX uses an advanced, carrier-grade VoIP peering infrastructure and an open, standards-based, interoperable ENUM and phone number registry to interconnect IP, TDM and hybrid-network service providers at disruptively low prices. VoEX delivers an integrated stack of value from network interconnects through registry and end user facing applications in a software as service business model.

For IP-enabled service providers, VoEX can deliver the largest number of IP and TDM registry endpoints in the world to enable the lowest possible cost, advanced end-to-end application delivery, and cross connections to TDM providers for complete reach of their voice products and solutions. For service providers migrating to VoIP, VoEX offers step-by-step managed service programs to enable media conversion, interoperability, and intelligent routing across both TDM and IP endpoints. The VoEX program enables immediate cost reduction and a clear migration path to a native VoIP infrastructure and advanced application functionality. For all service providers, VoEX offers proven, unprecedented quality of service through its intelligent routing, multiple protocol support and adherence to industry standards.

For more information, visit us at http://www.voex.com.

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